Fernando Magalhães: “A Lista Dos Melhores Álbuns Dos Anos 70 – Publicada No Fórum Sons

Fernando Magalhães:
A lista dos melhores álbuns dos anos 70
publicada no fórum Sons
A quem puder interessar: Lista dos melhores álbuns dos anos 70

DAVID BOWIE — The Man who Sold the World
EGG — The Polite Force
GENTLE GIANT — Gentle Giant
KEVIN AYERS & THE WHOLE WORLD — Shooting at the Moon
KRAFTWERK – Kraftwerk
MAGMA — Magma
PINK FLOYD — Atom Heart Mother
VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR — H to He, Who am the Only one
Amon Düül II — Yeti
Blodwin Pig — Getting to This
Can — Soundtracks
Caravan — If I Could do it all over again I’d do it all over you
Cressida — Cressida
Curved Air — Air Condittioning
East of Eden — Snafu
Emerson, Lake & Palmer — Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Fairfield Parlour — From Home to Home
Fairport Convention — Full House
Frank Zappa – Chunga’s Revenge
Genesis — Trespass
Gracious — Gracious
John & Beverley Martyn — Stormbringer
King Crimson — In the Wake of Poseidon
Kinks (The) — Lola versus Powerman and the Moneygoround
Magna Carta — Seasons
Neil Young — After the Gold Rush
Nick Drake — Bryter Layter
Nucleus — Elastic Rock
Spirit – The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus
Stooges — Fun House
T.2 — It’ll all Work out in Boomland
Traffic — John Barleycorn must Die

CAN – Tago Mago
CARAVAN — In the Land of Grey and Pink
FAUST — Faust
GENESIS — Nursery Cryme
GENTLE GIANT — Acquiring the Taste
MAGMA — 1001º Centigrades
NEU! — Neu!
SECOND HAND — Death May be your Santa Claus
TERRY RILEY — A Rainbow in Curved Air
Amazing Blondel — Fantasia Lindum
Amon Düül II — Dance of the Lemmings
Beggars Opera — Waters of Change
Ben – Ben
Burning Red Ivanhoe — W. W. W.
Comus — First Utterance
Curved Air — Second Album
Daevid Allen — Banana Moon
Dashiell Hedayat — Obsolete
David Bowie — Hunky Dory
Eilliff — Eilliff
Emerson, Lake & Palmer — Tarkus
Family — Fearless
Gila – Free Electric Sound
Gong — Camembert Electrique
Guru Guru — Hinten
Incredible String Band — Liquid Acrobat as Regards the Air
Jethro Tull — Aqualung
John Martyn – Bless the Weather
King Crimson — Islands
Kraftwerk — Kraftwerk 2
Led Zeppelin – IV (4 symbols)
Moving Gelatine Plates — The World of Genius Hans
Nico — Desertshore
Nucleus — We’ll Talk about it later
Paul McCartney — Ram
Peter Hammill — Fool’s Mate
Pink Floyd — Meddle
Popol Vuh – Affenstunde
Robert Wyatt — The End of an Ear
Roy Harper – Stormcock
Sandy Denny — The North Star Grassman and the Ravens
Strawbs — From the Witchwood

AMON DÜÜL II — Wolf City
CAN — Ege Bamyasi
CLUSTER — Cluster II
CURVED AIR — Phantasmagoria
DAVID BOWIE ¬— The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust…
FAUST — So Far
GENTLE GIANT — Three Friends
MATCHING MOLE — Little Red Record
ROXY MUSIC — Roxy Music
Brainstorm – Smile a while
Caravan — Waterloo Lily
Dom – Edge of Time
Frank Zappa — Whaka/Jawaka
Frank Zappa – The Grand Wazoo
Genesis — Foxtrot
Gentle Giant — Octopus
Gnidrolog — Lady Lake
Kevin Ayers — Whatevershebringsweesing
Khan — Space Shanty
Kingdom Come – Kingdom Come
Klaus Schulze — Irrlicht
Lou Reed — Transformer
Matching Mole — Matching Mole
Pekka Pohjola — Pihksilmä Kaarnakorva
Stackridge — (Have no Fear) I only need your Friendliness
Stomu Yamashta — Floating Music
Strawbs – Grave New World
Tangerine Dream — Zeit
Yes — Close to the Edge

CAN — Future Days
FAUST — The Faust Tapes
GONG — Radio Gnome Invisible, Part 2: Angel’s Egg
HATFIELD AND THE NORTH — Hatfield and the North
HENRY COW — The Henry Cow Legend
KING CRIMSON — Larks’ Tongues in Aspic
KRAFTWERK — Ralf and Florian
LOU REED — Berlin
PETER HAMMILL — Chameleon in the Shadow of the Night
ROXY MUSIC — For Your Pleasure
Agitation Free — 2nd
Area — Arbeit Macht Frei
Brian Eno — Here Come the Warm Jets
CMU — Space Cabaret
Cornucopia — Full Horn
David Bowie — Alladin Sane
Dzyan – Time Machine
Faust — Faust IV
Fripp & Eno — (No Pussyfootin’)
Genesis — Selling England by the Pound
Gentle Giant — In a Glass House
Gong — Radio Gnome Invisible, Part 1: The Flying Teapot
G. Evans, N. Potter, D. Jackson, H. Banton — The Long Hello
John Martyn — Solid Air
John Martyn – Inside out
Kingdom Come – Journey
Klaus Schulze — Cyborg
Lard Free – Lard Free
Magma — Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh
Neu! — Neu!2
Roxy Music — Stranded
Sandy Denny — Like an Old Fashioned Waltz
Soft Machine — Seven
Wigwam – Being
Yes — Tales from Topographic Oceans

CAN — Soon Over Babaluma
CLUSTER — Zuckerzeit
GENESIS — The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
GONG — You
KRAFTWERK — Autobahn
MAGMA— Kohntarkosz
RICHARD & LINDA THOMPSON – I Want to See the Bright Lights tonight
ROBERT WYATT — Rock Bottom
Ange — Au-delà du Délire
Area — Caution Radiation Area
Arne Nordheim – Electric
Arti & Mestieri — Tilt
Brian Eno — Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
Manuel Göttsching — Inventions for Electric Guitar
Carla Bley — Tropic Apettites
David Bowie — Diamond Dogs
Gryphon — Midnight Mushrumps
Gryphon — Red Queen to Gryphon Three
Harmonia — Musik von Harmonia
Henry Cow — Unrest
Jethro Tull — War Child
John Cale — Fear
Kevin Ayers — The Confessions of Dr. Dream
King Crimson — Red
Lady June – Linguistic Leprosy
Mothers of Invention — Overnite Sensation
Nico — The End
Pehka Pohjola — Harakka Biailopokka
Peter Hammill — The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage
Premiata Forneria Marconi — L’Isola di Niente
Roxy Music — Country Life
Roy Harper – Valentine
Sand – Golem
Slapp Happy – Slapp Happy
Stackridge – The Man in the Bowler Hat
Tasavallan Presidentti – Milky Way Moses
Yes — Relayer

BRIAN ENO — Another Green World
CHIEFTAINS — The Chieftains 5
GILGAMESH — Gilgamesh
HENRY COW — In Praise of Learning
MAGMA — Udu Wudu
SLAPP HAPPY HENRY COW — Desperate Straights
Amon Düül II — Vive la Trance
Arti & Mestieri — Giro di Valzer per Domani
Brian Eno — Discreet Music
Can — Landed
Clearlight — Clearlight Symphony
David Vorhaus — White Noise 2 — Concerto for Synthesizer
Fripp & Eno — Evening Star
Gentle Giant — Free Hand
Gong — Shamal
Gryphon — Raindance
Hatfield and the North — The Rotter’s Club
Henry Cow Slapp Happy — In Praise of Learning
John Cale – Slow Dazzle
Joni Mitchell — The Hissing of Summer Lawns
Mike Gibbs – The only Chrome-Waterfall Orchestra
Mike Oldfield — Ommadawn
Neu! — Neu! 75
Ned Lagin — Seastones
Peter Hammill — Nadir’s Big Chance
Phil Manzanera — Diamond Head
Robert Calvert — Lucky Leif and the Long Ships
Robert Wyatt — Ruth is Stranger than Richard
Soft Machine — Bundles
Steve Hackett — Voyage of the Acolyte
Zao – Shekina

CAN — Unlimited Edition
CLUSTER — Sowiesoso
LA DÜSSELDORF — La Düsseldorf
HELDON- Un Rêve sans Conséquence Spéciale
MUFFINS — Chronometers
NEIL ARDLEY — Kaleidoscope of Rainbows
PENGUIN CAFE ORCHESTRA — Music from the Penguin Cafe
PICCHIO DAL POZZO — Picchio Dal Pozzo
RESIDENTS — The Third Reich ‘n’ Roll
Celeste – Principe di un Giorno
Frank Zappa – Zoot Allures
Gregory Allan Fitzpatrick — Snorungarnas Symfoni
Jon Anderson — Olias of Sunhillow
Magma – Attahk
Soft Machine — Softs
Tomita — Firebird
Tom Waits— Small Change
Van Der Graaf Generator — World Record
Zao – Kawana

ASHRA — New Age of Earth
BRIAN ENO — Before and After Science
IGGY POP — The Idiot
KRAFTWERK — Trans Europe Express
MARC HOLLANDER — Onze Danses pour Combattre la Migraine
PHIL MANZANERA/801 — Listen Now
SUICIDE — Suicide
ZNR — Barricade 3
Carpe Diem — Cueille le Jour
Cluster & Eno — Cluster & Eno
Conventum — A L’Afflut d’un Complot
David Bowie — Heroes
Etron Fou Leloublan — Batelages
Jethro Tull — Songs from the Wood
John Greaves & Peter Blegvad — Kew. Rhone
Klaus Schulze — Mirage
Michal Rother — Flammende Herzen
Peter Gabriel — Peter Gabriel
Richard Pinhas — Rhizosphère
Roy Harper – Bullinamingvase
Spirit — Future Games
Terje Rypdal — After the Rain
Talking Heads — ‘77
Urban Sax — Urban Sax
Van Der Graaf — The Quiet Zone/ the Pleasure Dome
ZNR — Traité de Mecanique Populaire

ART BEARS — Hopes and Fears
BRIAN ENO — Music for Films
DEVO — Q: Are We not Men? A: We Are Devo!
NATIONAL HEALTH — Of Queues and Cures
PERE UBU — The Modern Dancing
PETER HAMMILL — The Future Now
RESIDENTS — Not Available
STEVE REICH — Music for 18 Musicians
TALKING HEADS — More Songs about Buildings and Food
Brian Eno — Music for Airports
Daevid Allen — N’Existe pas
Gregory Allan Fitzpatrick — Bildcircus
Ildefonso Aguilar — Erosión
Jon Hassell — Vernal Equinox
Klaus Schulze — X
Kraftwerk — The Man Machine
Pere Ubu — Dub Housing
Philip Glass — Einstein on the Beach
Ry Cooder — Jazz
Sammla Mammas Manna — Schlagerns Mystik
Terje Rypdal — Waves
This Heat — This Heat

AKSAK MABOUL — Un Peu de l’Ame des Bandits
ANTHONY MOORE — Flying doesn’t Help
ART BEARS — The World as it is Today
CARLA BLEY — Musique Mecanique
CONVENTUM — Le Bureau Central des Utopies
HENRY COW — Western Culture
PERE UBU — New Picnic Time
TALKING HEADS — Fear of Music
Art Zoyd — Musique pour l’ Odyssee
Captain Beefheart — Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)
Conrad Schnitzler — Blue Glow
David Bowie — Lodger
Devo — Duty now for the Future
Human League — Reproduction
John Surman — Upon Reflection
Jon Hassell — Earthquake Island
Joni Mitchell — Mingus
L Voag – The Way out
New Yorg Gong — About Time
Peter Hammill — PH7
Pink Floyd — The Wall
Residents — Eskimo
Robert Fripp — Exposure
Roxy Music — Manifesto
Snakefinger — Chewing Hides the Sound

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